Welcome College Students

Welcome to the Milwaukee area! This may be the most College Studentsexciting time of your life... and the most challenging! These formative young adult years will be some of the most foundational years for your entire life ahead! Don't leave God out of your life's foundation! will you build your life on the shifting sands of human reasoning and feelings, or will you build your life upon the Rock of Jesus Christ, and obedience to his Word (Matthew 7:24-29)? We are praying  that God will allow us to help you build a strong spiritual, educational,  and moral foundation for your future.

Historical Ministry to Students
Through the years, many Christian students have made East Side Baptist Church their spiritual "home away from home!" Located just three blocks south of the UWM Student Union, our Church is readily accessible to many of the nearby students. For 50 years, East Side has had a rich heritage of faithfully sharing Christ and God Word with the local student population.We are on call day and night to help with your spiritual needs!

A Real Church Family
Many students are away from home, but want to maintain the closeness of real & intimate relationships. Even if you have just longed for the closeness of real loving family, East Side is here for you. The Bible teaches that we come realize the genuine love of God as our heavenly Father when we are at a loss for human parental figures (Psalms 27:10). Many young adults have grown up never having had a genuinely close family. At East Side you are not just a number, but a real member of an intimate Church family!

Friendship with Real Christians
We have ALL experienced it, but God clearly warns of it... being inundated with wrong companions destroys solid, godly character (2 Corinthians 6:14)
Christians NEED Christian friends! And even non-Christians are invited to come and learn what is it to have genuine Christian friend.Our little Church has been blessed with young adults who are serving the Lord Jesus Christ! When Christ's love is apparent, there is a caring for one other that goes far beyond that of a social club or mere acquaintances.

Grounded in God's Word
For 50 years ESBC has been preaching the Word of God, the Holy Bible. We are not ashamed of continuing to use the KJV Bible, and singing the traditional songs of the faith. God regularly meets with us in our worship services. While many have "itching ears" to find and provide what the general population wants, we are soundly and biblically preaching what the Lord says that we need! "God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship in spirit and in truth." John 4:24 the only way to come to God is by faith in the Truth (John 14:6). We preach and teach what God says. We are, "...not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth;"

Teaching Redemption AND Salvation
Redemption is a one-time transaction between you and God. God offers you forgiveness and pardon for all your sins against Himself. We accept this offer of cleansing and forgiveness through trusting in the price Jesus Christ, His Son, paid on the cross FOR our sins. The moment one truly believes in Jesus Christ, he or she is immediately justified (made righteous) before God. Redemption is specifically the first aspect of Salvation. This is what the Bible refers to as being "Born Again." Have you been Born Again?

Salvation is the complete process of God's eternal work in our lives. WERE Saved (past tense Justification, Redeemed, forgiven), we are BEING Saved (present tense Sanctification, gaining victory over sin right now, becoming more like Jesus), and we WILL BE Saved (future tense Glorification, completely removed from sin's presence in Heaven, and completely conformed to Christ's own image) when we get to Heaven to be with God our Father (Romans 8:29-31). Are you experiencing God's ongoing grace over sin in your life?

IMPORTANT NOTE: One may have experienced Redemption (the past tense aspect of Salvation), trusting what Jesus did for them on the cross, and if not properly grounded in God's Word, the current victory over sin (Sanctification) may not be evident (2 Peter 1:1-11). But God is faithful to bring His Children through the entire process in order to exalt His Son Loving sacrifice for us, and glorify Himself as our God and Saviour (Romans 8 :29-31 & Philippians 1:6). We want to help you GROW in Jesus Christ, and see His victories over sin in your life!